Large laser disassembly to fit doorway


First time posting - I’m looking forward to being a part of the forum.

Here is a road block we have hit while searching for a laser for our small business. We are looking to purchase a larger OMTech laser like the AF3555-130 or AF2440-100. The specs say the lasers are about 38" and about 670lb. Does anyone know of someone taking apart one of these larger units to the point you could get it through a 31" doorway and down some strong wooden basement stairs? I realize this would likely require more significant disassembly/reassembly. Just curious if anyone has done this or knows someone who has.

I found some YouTube videos of people taking the bases off larger units and fitting through a 36" doorway. But this is an interior door so it’s smaller. One option I’d have is taking apart the door frame which I’ve done before for other projects - but that only gets you to 33"

I’d like to put it in the garage but it’s not an option.

I plan on talking to OMTech this week… for now I was putting this out there in case anyone has any first hand experience to share

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Thanks! the video was helpful. I figured you could take the top part off - good to see it done by someone successfully. Now I know a little more. Have a good one

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