Large Map Spread over Several Cuts

I have a large world map that is 60 inches wide. My laser only cuts 500mm x 300mm. Is there any software that I can use to cut the map pieces out over several pieces of 500x300mm plywood? It’s sort of the opposite of “nesting”. Once the pieces are cutout they will be glued on a background piece of stock. No matter if the cuts run through countries.


Hi @Pinchio

Adobe has this feature built in the software


I think you can do it in Acrobat Reader which is Free.

There is also

You can read a few tips in their FAQ



For vector editing, here is a suggested workflow you can do entirely inside LightBurn, without the need for external editing.

I need to add that the laser engraving machine must have a pass through system without that the aforementioned process will not work on one continuous piece.

Here is an example of a pass through system

If you have multiple precut pieces that fit the laser bed and you will “piece together and glue after then the above process works.



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