Laser alignment

when I fire a pulse for alignment , it hits right at the center for mirror 1 and mirror 2 but on the nozzle’s mirror it’s not at the center and I’ve tried the normal method and I’m not able to get it right any suggestions or video would be welcome

nozzle looks like this from top

(mirror two )

I’m not so familiar with this but i think that on mirror two

The screw pointed by Red arrow should be for vertical alignement and the one pointed by Yellow is for horizontal, you should act on those two to center in mirror three

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This is how it is for my machine. Looks similar.



FYI, you are looking to get the beam PARALLEL to the X and Y axis. A little off center won’t hurt anything. The ONLY place it has to be centered is down the lens tube to the lens, and that needs to be perpendicular to the work bed.


Those two screw put pressure on the mirror plate only, so the thumb screws make contact. They do not adjust anything beam wise.

@micrololin shows the proper controls.


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This is okay for mirror 2 , what about the mirror on the nozzle because location of the screws are different there . Thank you @micrololin

This is how it was on mine. It might be the same on yours. Just do 1 adjustment at a time little movements so if its the incorrect one you can get it back easier.


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The triangle pattern adjustment screws are a royal PITA. The L layout is sooooo much easier.

This is the lightweight head’s adjustment system.

The mark is where the ‘pivot’ screw is set.

From the top side. The adjustments are the allens that are marked.


Yup, that’s the one. The good manufacturers will use the L layout, and Russ puts it on those heads. That looks like the original style, the MK2 version will handle larger mirrors. I have it and love it.

I had a lot of issues with omtech alignment in the beginning I eventually got it dialed in perfectly & glued the knobs in place and haven’t had an issue since. I don’t use it as often as I did last year since we brought on embroidery as a service but I plan on getting a second one for a new project. We are launching next year.

Lots of great info on this thread