Laser Beam Disabled while framing

I recently updated the software to v1.2.01. Ever since the update I can not for the life of me get the laser to fire while framing. I have gone to the move tab and clicked “fire”, I have gone into the setting and ensured that both fire while framing options are selected. I have rebooted the software and rebooted my PC. Also, when I hover the mouse pointer over the framing button a message pops up the says “beam disabled”. What can I do to fix this?

Laser is Ortur LM2pro
PC is Lenovo Legion 5 running the latest version of windows

What is the power % set to for the Fire button in Move tab? If too low try raising the value until the light is visible.

when I fire from the move tab the laser comes on (set to .25%) and is visible. While its on however, if I click frame, the beam goes out.

Try these things:

  1. increase power and see if that changes anything
  2. Hold shift while clicking the frame button
  3. Confirm that you’ve enabled “Laser on when framing” in Device Settings

If none of those things work can you do the following:

  1. enable “Show all” in console
  2. Click frame
  3. Capture the generated gcode for in Console for the frame and paste here.
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got it back on. thanks for the tips

What did the issue end up being?

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