Laser beam does not stop between shapes and draw lines between objects

I am using VEVOR 20W USB CO2 Laser Engraver to cut some objects, but the laser draw some dashes when I press on Frame for unknow reason. @LightBurn

This is the settings for laser on my Lightburn application.

Laser’s head didn’t return to origin once it is finish the engraving.

Please clarify, which control system drives this laser?

It is called Ruida. This machine comes with 40Watt laser but it stopped working after couple of weeks. I bought 20Watt for testing.
Do you think it is physical or software issue please?

Did you set this Ruida controller up or receive as part of a complete laser from a vendor? Have you made changes to the controller via the HMI (human to machine interface) panel?

Please show a picture of this laser system.

The machines comes with 40W laser, but it stopped working after couple of weeks. I replaced it with 20W for testing purposes.
I always press on the devices then add automatically to let the Lightburn to detect the machine.
I deleted my two connected machines CNC 3018 and VEVOR before I post this topic.
I installed the latest version again. After that I press device to add my VEVOR machine, but this time it offers me two options (Packet/USB) OR (Serial/USB). I tested two options and the laser is still not working properly.

I have checked the laser cut settings and it is set to 0 on Start and End.
@LightBurn @Ruida99 @DougL
As you can see from my previous screenshot with three shapes the laser head move before laser light starts and it does not stop between each shape. The laser’s light start delayed and did not stop until reaching the home point.
This is abnormal activity.
Please help me

You will need to show some pictures of the machine since I looked at Vevor and they don’t sell a 20W machine and their 40W machine does NOT come with a Ruida controller. Please post pictures of the machine from the outside, some of the inside of the machine and some of the controller and power supply section/bay.

Yes, please show pictures as requested. We can go from there.

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