Laser beam won't turn off!

I had this problem back in Jan-Feb. where while engraving, sometimes randomly the laser beam suddenly gets stuck at max power and keep engraving, making everything black. Like even if I stop the engraving from lightburn, the laser head will stop moving on X and Y axis but the beam won’t turn off until I unplug the laser module. I am using Ortur LM2 S2 with Neje N30820 module. Ortur even sent me a new motherboard thinking that it might be a fault in MOBO but even with new MOBO the problem still exists! So I stopped using it and after 7-8 months, yesterday when I turned on the machine, it did engrave 2-3 times perfectly but suddenly the beam got stuck and it made everything black again! I’m totally fed up and don’t understand what to do now! I contacted Neje as well but they kept asking me to do tests on laser and as per them, I did everything they asked and the test results were positive but still this laser won’t fix!

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