Laser bed from plywood

for everyone who can use that I prepared plywood laser bed. Dimension 600x400mm but can be easily rebuilt to other sizes. Damaged by laser slats can be replaced with new ones. All slats are cut with common cuts = less time and less material - and there are only 2 drawings necessary for this assembly - one for slats and one for slat holder (both parts are at pictures).
I used 4mm plywood since I dont have other thickness available however you can change it to the one you want (needs some minor changes in the drawing). I will upload also .sldprt files if anyone wants to customize them.



Awesome! This should prove useful.

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Well, DXF cannot be uploaded on this site. Therefore I will upload them somewhere and share the link…
you can find the files here:

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Linear pattern and mirror did the magic… 1 hour work all over :sunglasses:

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Very nice, thank you