Laser Bed Nail Board

I made a couple of laser bed nail boards for my Creality Falcon Module on my Ender 3 V2.

I originally made this model for a nail board, that used the bamboo cutting board from Dollar Tree.

I started by making a template in Fusion 360 and exporting a DXF file for LightBurn. (The export is completely doable with a personal license - with just a few extra steps)

And glued some magnets on the bottom to keep them from moving around.

I used:

2 ea. Dollar Tree Bamboo board
1 ea. Dollar Tree 9 x 13 Aluminum pan
3 ea. Home Depot #16 x 1-1/4in Wire Nails (1oz package)

Laser Bed Nail Board.lbrn2 (29.8 KB)

Laser Bed Nail Board.dxf (29.9 KB)


Guess you nailed it… :wink:

Looks good… how level is it and how does it work…?


It’s beautifully level, and so far the cuts look great!

The nail tips are about 1 inch from the board. And so there are faint marking on the wood after a cut.

I can see some potential problems with wanting to use magnets to hold something down / flat.
But, with a little experimenting, I’m sure that I will find the right magnets

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I just wanted to add that Magnets work so much better than I originally expected them too. They simply align themselves on the tips of the nails without any extra shifting around.

I did something similar, used screws, lots of 'em.

But I found “mending plates” at Lowe’s. The small square “nail plates” you see on the frames of new houses. I like them because they’re shorter.

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nice one i had a go with the same and it worked great until i tried this with steel plate and some punk rocker studs

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OMG this is fantastic hahahaha! As an old NYC punk, I salute your punk laser, sir. Well done.