Laser Burning Center Circle of Image Three Times


I have an Orion Motor Tech 50W Co2 Laser. I imported my Adobe Illustrator file, checked for duplicates (none found), and when I run the preview, it traces the center circle once. My settings are: Line, Speed 50, Power 20. When the image is burned, the machine burns the center circle three times, which makes it proportionately darker than the rest of the image. Is there a way to fix this?

consider to add your LB file to your post for easier examination. It’s likely there is a setting in your file or you have three circles that don’t want to appear to you.

I only drew one circle in Illustrator, and the preview shows it outlining only once, so it’s very odd.CrownChakra.lbrn (89.9 KB)

If you zoom in on the centre and select the circle it looks and shows 1 circle but you can delete 2, strange and doesn’t show up as duplicate either :thinking:
Hope that fixes your problem.

p.s It was just as fred_dot thought… :+1:

How strange! Thanks so much!

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