Laser burning during moves

Hello everybody!
Since my last cuttings with my laser Orthur Laser master pro 2, I have some cuttings during the moves between 2 shapes to cut. I never had that before, and I’m cutting for about 2 years.

I’m using the lightburn software.

Below you can find the datas.

Can someone help on this topic?


If this has been consistently working and only now showing this symptom then it’s most likely a failure in hardware. Either the laser module or controller.

Your GRBL configuration shows you’re in laser mode ($32=1) which is what you want. Not having that set is the most common failure point.

Do you have a meter you can use to test the controller to determine if the issue is in the controller or laser module?

Thank you for your reply. What do you by a meter?
What do I have to do?

Which version of firmware
Type $i in console and post output

Pro series is not prone to PWM failures but you could try as @berainlb said using multimeter
Power on machine, connect to usb, measure at the laser head black + White cable
Set Multimeter to 20V dc
Should be zero, if not your PWM signal might be faulty


Here you have the output from lightburn.
I also made the measurement as asked, and output is 0V.
Below you can see the issue.

Latest firmware is 191 which you can get here

PRO S2s are not known for any PWM issues so i would go in order
1- update firmware
2- RST=* in console to reset defauts
3- test again

if same issues you probably have a wiring issue where some voltage is leaking into your pwm signal

Maybe a few pictures of your wiring points?

Great !

I followed your recommendation.
It runs perfectly now.

Thank’s a lot!:pray::+1:t2::grin:

Awesome news!

I’m confused. How could this have possibly fixed the issue? Unless this was due to a corrupted firmware?

my guess Smin was set to something other than Zero by “tinkerage” :slight_smile:

I considered that too but the screenshot shows $31=0… Curious.

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