Laser burning edges but not excavating fill area for rubber stamps

Using a Snapmaker Artisan with a 10W laser with Lightburn 1.5.01 (and I think I updated to 02 in the process of testing but it did not help). I’m trying to engrave a rubber stamp.

The settings I’m using are fill mode, 4000 mm/min, bidirectional, with a 0.5 mm ramp. Max power is 100% (there is no setting for Min Power). Single pass.

Overscanning is turned on with a value of 2.5% (1.46 mm).

I save the Gcode generated from Lightburn and run it in Luban.

Problem: As you can see, despite the ramp setting it seems that the power is increased at the edges as it’s burning deeper there and consequently barely burning off the other areas at all.

As you can imagine this isn’t ideal for a stamp.

I’ve done other experiments with multiple passes (just deepens the channel), slower speeds (same issue), and offset fill (just creates channels in other weird places but still doesn’t consistently burn off the fill areas.

Any ideas? Uploading my gcode for assistance.

murderstagstamp_debug.gc (1.2 MB)

We can’t really use gcode, it’s best to upload your .lbrn2 file…

Is it operating over the fill area but not lasing?


murderstagstamp.lbrn2 (103.6 KB)
I think this is the most up to date version of my lbrn2 file (I might have messed with the settings a bit so they may be a bit different).

From what I can tell it does seem to be lasing over the fill area since a small amount of material is removed and I can see visually that it is lasing, but it seems like it’s much much weaker.

I would not recommend offset fill. It should work with only fill.

You should preview your work and you’ll see that the only fill is required.

It may be that it’s running at minimum power trying to attempt the offset fill you requested… it can never reach full speed in the small offset area going around in a circle.

Make sense?

There are videos out there, most of the ones I’ve seen are for co2, but it should not make much of a difference, assuming the laser works on the rubber material.

I also don’t know how it would make a ramp using the pattern produced by offset fill…


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Hey, yeah so as mentioned the offset fill was just the latest setting I was testing. Typically I was doing it with Fill. The same problem existed in both modes though.

This looks like it may be an issue with your overscanning settings.

This article from our troubleshooting documentation should help you fix it.