Laser burns between moves

Yeah, you’d need to use fill or fill+line for it to fill in those shapes :slight_smile:
The image setting is probably because you have an image object in your project somewhere. Image mode will do a raster engrave instead of a normal solid fill. This just means that it converts each pixel into a power value and then burns all those pixels while scanning across in a line. Fill, on the other hand, will just fill in with all the same power on each line.

As for the wiring… I would make 100% sure that the red/yellow and black/green wires on the left are connected to the correct places on the control board. One of those will be a PWM signal (laser on/off and power level) and the other is likely just power. Weird things can happen if those are backwards.

If you’ve confirmed those are connected as the manufacturer’s docs say they should be then yes, I’d at least try the recommended software. There’s really two outcomes for that:

  • The problem goes away confirming that it’s a software configuration problem and we can continue to work through it with you.
  • The problem still exists and you should contact the manufacturer. Likely the wiring is wrong or something is wrong with the laser or controller and they can troubleshoot it with you.

Don’t worry about if you have the correct LightBurn settings just yet. Once we get over the main issue here I’m sure we can help you through the settings parts :slight_smile:

That’s a eleksmaker clone board most likely running on a arduino uno clone also.

Download the trail version of t2 laser.

When you hit the control laser button in the new window there are menus
Somewhere there is a option to update the software to grbl1.1e
Select nano from controller options and say upload.
If that does not go through use the nano+ option.
One it uploads confirm the grbl is 1.1e from the lightburn console screen

I’ll ask him to look at the wiring again. But in the mean time I got it to do this!

And I’m still using LightBurn.
The only thing was it lasered it horizontally. Not one letter at a time. I’m hope I’m explaining myself clearly.

And to add to my story, I installed their software (turns out to be Engraver Master) and followed all their instructions and got this.
Still burns the moves.

So, I emailed thier help desk, waiting for reply.

Cool. It makes sense that fill would work. That’s inherently a bit diff.
But very interesting their software does the same thing. Hopefully the manufacturer has a good solution! Definitely let us know :slight_smile:

I sure will. I hope they hurry up, my Lightburn trial ends in 8 days lol.
Thank you so much all your attention in helping me out.

@sdengraver Don’t worry, we can extend your trial so you can fully evaluate with a working machine :slight_smile:

Well, they told me “my pmw connect not well, or you have tick the (laser optimization) button on the software, please close that button, see picture attached. “
And of course the software they gave me doesn’t have that button to tick.
I don’t know what a pmw is, so I wrote them back telling them that. Do you know?

PMW is likely just PWM misspelled. PWM is Pulse Width Modulation, which is a fancy way of saying ‘turning it off and on really fast, at different rates’. It’s how diode lasers are controlled.

And LightBurn by default will engrave across an image like that, not one letter at a time because it’s often faster, but you can change it. Double-click on the ‘Fill’ entry in your Cuts window:

And change this from “Fill all shapes at once” to “Fill shapes individually”:

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Good afternoon

I accidentally saw this post. I had nearly the same problems. I have an “arduino” controller with Version 0.9 GRBL software and unable to update it.

Also, I have exactly the same laser driver board, had lots of teething problems and the supplier - does not know!!!

Firstly, on the driver board is a blue knob, turn it fully clockwise. It is a manual power control and it limits the PWM power. Check that the polarity of the cable between the two boards are correct. (the cable that was supplied with the board was swapped). This MIGHT explain why it does not turn off when moving. The small switch must be moved towards the power cable, where it is marked A.

Also, in the device settings, set the S-value to 1000.

If you’re running GRBL 0.9, you need to use the GRBL-M3 device in LightBurn, and set the S-value max to 255.

I’m still having issues with my laser. They had me download the new version of “master Engraver” and it still burns between moves.
Everything is (wires) connected correctly. Just wanted to throw you an update.

Hi Oz
I must use S-1000. I drew a rectangle and made it 10mm/s and 90% power.

With S-255 it does not mark white paper. Also the laser does not even switch on at 20% using the fire button.

With S-1000 it cuts the white paper and switches on at 5,65%.

I also checked it with a scope, the PWM definitely is very low at 255. If you want, I can send photo’s of the scope.

I believe you - it’s possible that the supplier changed the firmware. GRBL defaults for the spindle max are all over the place. They are often set to 255 or 1000, but sometimes are set different than even those, and the older versions of GRBL don’t have it as a setting, so there is no way to ask the controller, like there is with newer versions.

see if you can connect with Xloader, if you can, you should be able to update to GRBL 1.1f. keep in mind there may be some changes to pin outs from your present version, some reading will be necessary

Hi Robert

Tried Xloader, fails. Might be a good thing I cannot update, it is a dedicated board and as far as I understand some output pins changed. I will not be able to move things around.

Works perfectly, only issue is overscanning. It stops when engraving starts!

I overcome that with with lower power and slow speeds. Takes a bit longer.

What does this mean?

If I have a 100mm square with 5% overscan, it will start with the 5mm, stop moving and then start engraving. Same at the end. It will stop on 100mm, switch laser off and do the 5mm.
Must be inherent on my controller. I checked the G-code and it is right.
I overcome that with slower speed and less power, takes bit longer but does not matter.

Does anybody know what the real output power of a 15W blue diode is? No manufacturer or aby info on it.

There’s no such thing as a 15W blue diode, so they’re likely measuring power supply draw, which would put it around 5W.

The pause thing might be an issue with older versions of GRBL, prior to the addition of laser mode. GRBL pauses to let the spindle speed up (because it thinks you have a spindle / router). Newer versions of GRBL (1.1f and later) running in Laser Mode disable that pause.

Thank you for all your help! I got it figured out finally!
I’ll be buying your software next week. :slightly_smiling_face:

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