Laser burns during the movement of a scratching the entire image

Hello, I have a blue laser I’m using GRBL 1.1 and I already made the setting $ 32 = 1 but still burning the lines of movement, the text is all scratched and when the work is finished the laser also does not turn off. I’m not able to use the machine for work because of that, thank you in advance

I have the same problem and didn’t find a solution yet

It’s strange

If your not using Grbl 1.1f then try this profile and see if it works:


GRBL 1.1f is the important part. If you are using a version like 1.1e or earlier, it does not properly support Laser Mode, and will burn during travel moves. In this case, changing to the GRBL-M3 driver in LightBurn as Kenneth notes above will work.

It work …!! Many thanks !!

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