Laser burns during transitional moves

I’m brand new here and just got my Twotrees Totem S40 watt fired up yesterday. I am having problems trying to figure out how to make the laser turn off between moves. As it stands now the laser connects the individual images with a burned line. I looked this up and I saw advise on re configuring by putting $32=1 in the console. I did that but the laser goes through the moves but will not burn anything now. Back at $32=0 the laser burns but connects the images. Gettin kinda frustrated!
Also, when the laser burns the image it’s mirrored backwards. Can’t figure this one out either so I mirrored image the X axis and it burns fine except the burn between images.
Thank You so much!
By the way, I had a Universal Laser Systems VersaLaser but it went with the company when we sold the business. I really wanted to keep it

This is worth review: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

What firmware is reported in the ‘Console’ window when you first connect? What device profile was found when you first installed LightBurn? Where do you have the Device Origin set?

All this is covered in the documentation I shared, so that is a good place to start. :slight_smile:

Thank You! I will read this diligently and go from there.

My engraver doesn’t show up in the devise profiles.

I have gerbl show up in the console window.

I’ve fooled around with the devise origin and ended up with bottom left hand corner.

I hope I understood your questions correctly and gave satisfactory answers. While I’m a novice at light speed I programmed CNC VMCs and turning centers for years but it was our own product so I had a lot of leeway. I used a laser for years but I was using Corel Draw and it could be directly exported to the VersaLaser and it was very simple. Also, I was younger then, LOL. With the Corel Draw I had total control of the image so I could vary line widths and such. We sold the company and I should have never let that laser go with the rest of the business. I’ve been making ukuleles for the last ten or so years and I used the VersaLaser to engrave various parts I use for the instruments.

Thank you again for your response, I greatly appreciate the help
terry harris

I understand, changing from the workflow you were using to a new one can feel odd. :slight_smile:

Please show a screenshot of the Console window when you first connect. I want to see exactly what is reported.

I will go out and take the snapshot. I have this on a laptop out in my shop.

I had to do a workaround to get it but at least I got it. Hope this will do the job.

Yes good, thank you. This is reporting Grbl 1.1f so, you should be able to set as described in the document I shared. Let us know how you get on.

Thank you so much!

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