Laser burns Zigzag curves

Hi! I’m quite new to this topic. Just bought a hobby / china laser called Vevor L1717. It was recognized in Lightburn as a GRBL device, I have adjusted my axes and e.g. burning a 20mmx20mm square results correct measures. However, whenever there is a curve in the object it does zigzag and rubbish, see the attached pics. Looks like a wrong setting to me. (With the shipped iOS app, it burns correct shapes). Any Idea how to fix this?

My config values ($$) are:

Thanks for any help.
Cheers, Birlie

This seems to happen after downloading a damaged or cracked version of LightBurn. Uninstall what you have now and reinstall from a known-good copy:

A note to describing where the damaged version came from should be productive.

@ednisley Oh thank you so much… I was driving me mad. I got the trial from a freeware site, now using the trial version from lightburn directly. It works, rounds are round now! Thanks again!

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Now would be a good time for a good malware scanner run, because you never know what else may have crept in under false pretenses.


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