Laser bursts into life cutting when computer wakes. (sometimes)

HI I wonder how my problem can be solved, I have a windows 10 laptop connected to my K40 with a Cohesion 3D mainboard. It works great but I have noticed on three occasions if the laptop goes to sleep and I click the mouse button to wake the laptop the K40 bursts into life and starts cutting. Until I get it resolved I have disabled sleep on the laptop and I am in the process of fitting a safety switch to the lid.

Hope someone can point me in the right diection.

Many Thanks

Starts cutting what? Do you have a project loaded and Lightburn running?

Yes when a job is loaded,
I start a job that maybe takes 15 mins and my laptop was sleeping at 10mins
the job finished and the laser parked as normal
click the mouse to start the laptop and the job started again, happened three times.

Changed the way I work as you can imagine

Maybe change the sleep to 16+ minutes. Sometimes the most complex problems have the simplest solutions.

Yea I did do that, just took the sleep off completely.


LightBurn prevents sleeping while a job is running automatically, but if you click the mouse, and it took that to mean you clicked ‘Start’ again, I could see that happening.

Does it occur when you just wiggle the mouse, or press the Ctrl key or something that would not have an actual effect in software?

HI Oz, it didn’t prevent sleeping on my machine, I have only click the mouse in fairness so I don’t know, just fitting a magnetic switch at the moment so it cant happen again.


Regards Alan

LightBurn only prevents sleeping while the job is streaming. If the job finished running, the computer would be allowed to sleep then.

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