Laser CO2 cutting problem

Hi everyone
I would to share m’y problem may find a solution

I have problem when i run my laser to cut 3mm mdf
The attaches picture is from the bottom side
I have laser tube 100w
Cutting speed is 25mm/s
Power is 40%
Please some one tell what the problem i have here.
I wish nice day for everyone.

Looks like it’s moving too fast while not applying enough power.

For my 60 W (claimed) OMTech, 3 mm MDF cuts at 20 mm/s with 60% power: slightly slower with slightly less power. However, comparisons of two different machines with different tubes and different ages aren’t exact.

What did the material test on that batch of MDF suggest for reliable cut settings?

What kind of machine is this?

Your profile states a grbl controller but you’ve listed this under Trocen controllers.

There appears a multitude of issues. The laser isn’t producing consistently or misaligned.

With a tube co2

  1. tube working properly
  2. optics aligned and clean
  3. focus

If you have these three they work… Only you can tell us which is the problem.

It also looks like you have belt or other issues from the wiggling lines
on your posted photographs.

  1. what kind of machine/controller?
  2. which of the three haven’t you checked?


Thanks for answering my questions.

  • This machine is diy made.

  • controler is trocen awc708s.

For clarification I have little problem with alignement the beam.

And thank you again.

The output is so bad, I’d suggest you do a burn at m1 to see if your tube is resonating properly…

Don’t burn though, we’d like to see the power across the beam… brown not black

You want a TEM0 state.


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