Laser comes on but does not burn in Lightburn software

I have a CNC 3018 Pro-M with a 5500mW Blue laser using GRBL 1.1. I have been able to burn in LaserGRBL although the most recent burn was really light (fixed the focus and it works now) But when I try to burn in Lightburn first I get Cut out of bounds (I figured that it was because the software thinks my laser is set at -3x and -3y (it’s not but I see no way to tell the software where the laser is actually located)
I click yes to burn anyway since when I frame it with the laser on, the design is on the material.
I have tried setting the start from to ; current position and user origin position. With User Origin position if I set it to a position and then tell the software to Go To Origin position it goes in the opposite location of where I set the origin.
The items that I am burning are set to 20% on a QR code, 20% on the borderline around the design, and 25% on the letters, speed is set to 6000. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or what settings I have wrong, but if you need more information from me please just ask.

I would think 6000 speed is too fast. Take a look at your device settings.

I looked at the setting in LaserGRBL (which works) it says the spindle speed ($30) is set to 1000? is this the speed you are referring to? I have no idea how much power I should use as far as the laser is concerned. The settings in Lightburn came from one of their tutorials with the WIFI QR Code, I didn’t change anything.

I have just watched the 22 minute LightBurn video “WiFi QR Code” and it clearly shows the power and speeds settings for each layer. See below for image from the video. Note the box on the right hand side, particularly the column marked “Spd/Pwr” abbreviations for Speed and Power. These are guidelines which are dependent on the laser used.

For a diode laser the speed is set in mm/min (metric), and the power is in percentage of your laser power. Power-Percentage is not a linear relationship so you’ll have to define your laser power-percentage by test burns for yourself.

Your first message last paragraph indicates and I quote “speed is set to 6000.” Where did you find that information?
Spindle speed refers to the rotational speed of a cnc router bit.

You could attach pictures to help illustrate your issue and maybe a picture of the device settings and general LightBurn settings.

Sorry it took me a while but yes you are right the setting that he had in the video were not the settings I used because his settings did not produce a burn at all. So I changed them but they made no difference. I have no clue where I found the 6000 at, but I’ve done more research and not just left the setting where they are. OZ wrote a very good settings post for someone and it helped me a lot. I put my laser at 500, changed the power to 100 and I’ll probably have to change it based on what I’m printing but I’m good at the moment.
THank you for pointing out some changes that I needed to make and helping me see what all needs to be chanaged.

Your welcome. Glad to be of help.

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