Laser coming on, but not burning at all

not cuttig at all even though laser beam is turning on.

Not cutting what? If you share a bit more about what you are trying to do, what you expect the results to be, the settings used, along with the actual results you got, folks may be able to offer something back you can use.

Cutting a navel ship hull vs pads of butter for the Holiday dinner table, require very different approaches, as an example.

You have a diode laser, so if you are trying to cut something that is light-colored, the beam gets reflected and does not cut well. Try cutting something darker.

Have a piece of pine wood , laser turns on and passes back and forth on the wood without even a black mark . Yesterday it made a faint brown burn mark on the wood today, not even that. Is there a focus to adjust and a power level setting. I thought I saw a iTunes that mentioned lowering speed while the laser is on as well as laser power to burn the wood according to the results I want to achieve.i can not find these adjustments in the software. Is it useing different terminology I am not familiar with?
Thank you in advance, Danny

I understand, the verbiage can be a bit all over.

Both. You should be able to focus the laser by bringing the material to the correct height so the beam is as sharp as possible. Ortur provide some instructions on how to do this.

As for software control of the power and speed settings, I suggest you start here and proceed until you complete the Simple Project section. This should provide a good understanding of LightBurn and its basic operations.

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