Laser console saying "Waiting for connection"

just for the sake of sanity
Right click COM3 port > uninsstall it > remove drivers
Unplug USB, plug it agan
see if windows finds the drivers by itself

It did, I uninstalled it and did what you suggested, my computer restarted. It found the device again very quickly and changed it to COM4. But same issue

at this point - unless @misken has other suggestions - i would get Manufacturer support

Yeah I reached out to them but they are on some kind of holiday or whatnot. I’m honestly about to buy another board. I’m not sure what else could be the issue than the motherboard.

Yes they are in one holiday - another one! lol - untill monday

Do you have - or can get access - to another computer, just for sanity sake testing
Make sure it wont work on that other comuter too

Funny think is I just tried that when I got home. Same issue with another computer.

this means, then it has got to be something with the board itself i would imagine
But… Surely support will know better and will replace whatever needs replacing

Alright I’ll just buy another board and then get with support and see if I can get the original replaced. Thank you very much for your assistance and help on trying to get this to work.

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Take a look at the MKS DLC32 board, it has the same size as the original board. So it’s quite easy to replace (Mainboard Replacement - Diode Laser Wiki).

If the COM port is correctly assigned, the USB chip seems to work. But maybe the ESP chip is dead then. A replacement board might be the easiest option in that case.

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Sadly I was kind of thinking the same thing. I ordered a new one last night. Thank you for your time and assistance.


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