Laser cut dotted lines instead of solide lines

Dear all,
as you can see in the picture above, I’ve an issue regarding cutting solide lines.
The laser (TwoTrees TS2 Diode Laser with 10W, Systemboard: Makerbase MKS DLC32 V2.1), starting with a solide cut, begins pulsing. Sometimes, at the beginning, a little irregulary, but mostly in a very regular pattern.

I’ve checked the settings regarding Perforation Mode and also Tabs/Bridges and both settings are diabled. I’ve also used different patterns and files.
I’ve also copied the pattern to a new layer, switched perforatio on and off, but without any positive result.

Sometimes, a complete pattern (30 minutes job) is cut correctly:

I’m using LightBurn 1.2.01 on a Win7 64-bit Notebook with a INTEL i5-4200U CPU Q 1.6Ghz with 8GB RAM

The layer settings in LightBurn looks like:



From the first picture and the findings in the web, I would say it’s maybe a power supply issue, but on the other hand, the dotted pattern is very regular…And it also happens not at every job…

Have you ever seen such kind of an issue?
Any ideas regarding the root cause?

Thanks and best regards

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