Laser cut with mirror burn

HELP! I could not find this in the forum, I might not be asking the right question. Just got my new Orion Motor Tech 80 W laser, been running test - started on cardboard (the problem is with all material MDF and Oak Plywood),even the Pulse does the same thing. the problem is that I get a laser cut and a mirror burn spot about 7 mm. not sure if is from my air. My machine came with its own air, mounted in the machine.

The far left is 600 - 100 speed at 70% 1 pass, next is 600-100 at 60% 1 pass and last is 600-100 for 40% 1 pass. thanks for your help

You beam is most likely not properly aimed, and glancing off the nozzle as it exits the lens. The lower-left part of the pulse is the original beam, and the upper-right part is the reflection, going by the shapes.

Thanks, I going to see where the beam comes out, I have checked the laser beam and the burn mark is in the center, and where the beam goes down, it is a little high from center

Please make sure you are using CO2 laser-safe eye-protection if you are doing any beam work with the cover open.

Just corrected the mirror on #2 and this corrected the problem, thanks you, thank you. I had check the alignment earlier, and read that the beam needs to be a little high to put in the center of the tub. My moving it to the center corrected the problem. Works great, thanks again.

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