Laser cut Xmas Bauble

Hi Guys

Quick question… How do I NOT burn a section with lightburn?

I have a xmas bauble (Round) thats fine, but I also have a small circle at the top of the bauble obviously for the ribbon to go through, but everytime I run the laser, it cut the small circle aswell. How can I tell LB to leave a section attached?

You might have to ungroup. When you are able to select just the small circle, move it to either layer T1 or T2. Those layers are for reference only

Will that still burn the top cutout circle but leave a section attatched to the main circle?

Hi, if this is what you’re trying to do
If they’re on different layers and only the black layer is selected, as long as you have ‘cut selected graphics selected’
then only the black layer will be cut.

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Yeah thats what I’m looking for. How did you make it all one peice?

[The Louisiana Hobby Guy].
Check out his videos on youtube, he explains it all.
about 20 videos.
Mostly short vid’s.
Best to learn about the’ boolean features of Lightburn, makes things so much easier.

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Just to get you on your way.
Draw 1 large circle and 1 small circle.
Overlap both slightly,
and select both.
Select ‘boolean union’ .
The second one down, it should give you this,

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…I see you watched Rich’s video carefully. :wink:

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