Laser cutting acrylic for food

I’ve been asked to make some acrylic lolly pop sticks I’m just wanting to make sure they’d be food safe?

Acrylic is food approved here in my country (DK)

There are potential big liability issues, so do your homework and use materials that are rated for your intended use. Know food safe vs. food grade. Know your FDA & NSF/ANSI standard 51 requirements. Deal with a reputable material supplier who actually knows the regulations and who buys from reputable manufacturers who don’t cut corners.

‘acrylic’ is a general description for plastics. Which, specific, plastic are you intending on using?

PMMA, which is probably the most commonly-used acrylic sheet, is perfectly food-safe.

If you are making on contract for someone else, you can avoid ‘big liability issues’ by making them source the material. Or live in a country where we don’t GAF about such nonsense.