Laser cutting/engraving heat transfer vinyl

(Josh Creswell ) #1

I don’t do FB much at all, but today while looking for some DIY rotary plans I ran across a post on a laser group that they used their laser to cut/engrave a design onto heat transfer vinyl. I use a brother scan and cut to cut out design to heat press on shirt, but it doesn’t like to cut out little designs good. Anyway a lady in that group said she uses Siser Easyweed HTV on her laser, it doesn’t contain any PVC. This is a game changer for me, I can do numerous of the same design at one. I can’t wait to get home today and try it. I’ll report back…

(Ned Hill) #2

Yep it’s polyurethane based so definitely laser safe. Interesting.

(Josh Creswell ) #3

I’ve got to figure out the settings to engrave on it, then should be golden. Also, would think I could cut the areas out that I don’t need and there wouldn’t be any weeding. Save ton of time.

(Josh Creswell ) #4

1st run…I cut it at 100 speed and 13% pwr on my 60 watt. Everything came out fine, exact the words. Still have some playing to do.

(fred ungewitter) #5

Does this mean that heat transfer vinyl is not vinyl?

(Anthony Bolgar) #6

Siser Easy Weed is non PVC. Other brands can be PVC. This is just one that we know for sure is vinyl free.

(Josh Creswell ) #7

Stahls makes some as well that is PVC-Free as well.

(Doug Fisher) #8

Josh, how hard was it to get the power right to cut the HTV yet avoid cutting through backing paper?

(Josh Creswell ) #9

@Doug I ran that at 100 speed 13% pwr on my “60 watt” it still cut through the backing, which is fine. That’s what I was trying to do so that there wouldn’t be any weeding. I’m back in the garage to play some more, I’m going to engrave a design and see what it looks like.

(Josh Creswell ) #10

This took 15 minutes to run, so it’s not very much of a time saver. Yes I could have cut it out on the plotter. I ran it scanned it at450mms 25% and cut it 100mms 18% pwr. It didn’t completely clean it, but had I just cut the design out it would have been fine. I’m going to look for a more intricate design and see how it goes.

(John Noell) #11

I couldn’t be happier with the Stahl’s products. PVC-free and work great. Layerable and once it is heat pressed into the fabric, it’s durable, soft, and launders beautifully.

(Trevor Gryffyn) #12

I know this is an old post, but wanted to clarify something for anyone curious. It’s the “C” in PVC that’s bad. A lot of things just labeled as “vinyl” are PVC. But like, as far as I know, EVA is safe to laser cut… and that’s Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate. It’s the chlorine gas that’s bad for humans (toxic) and machinery (causes corrosion).