Laser Cutting Kevlar

Hi folks,

Has anyone cut Kevlar? Any reason not to? Gasses or chemicals?

I’d recommend checking the materials data sheet for anything you’re wanting to cut that you’re unsure about.
These should be available from the manufacturer of the materials or from a reseller as well.

I decided to throw caution to the wind… It cut like a hot knife through butter… no smell! cuts even better than ballistic Nylon…
Really cool stuff to work with! Made making a bullet proof vest so much faster and more professional looking!

Hopefully you don’t die from either the fumes or diy safety gear!

Lol, thanks!

There were no fumes at all, the msds says it is fine also.

We produce K9 Gear for the military and law enforcement training facilities. We usually cut the fabrics with shears, but you end up being covered in ultra fine fibers… Thinner than fiberglass and twice as itchy…

So this just really tightened up the edges and speed up the process.

Btw 24 layers for 9mm and 36 layers for a 44. It still cracks a rib though… Lol

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