Laser Cutting Phantom Lines from DXF File - Help!

Hey guys,

I just got my new Aeon Nova 14 CO2 laser a couple weeks ago to cut closed cell Polyethlyne gun case foam. I designed my layout as a sketch in Fusion 360, saved it as a DXF and imported it to LB. The sketch looks fine in LB preview, except for one thing. The program refuses to cut the outline shapes on one pass, it has the straight lines and curves divided up so it will make all 6 passes on the line, then cuts all the passes on the curve, the next line, and so on. My sketch in Fusion is clean and fully constrained.

Now the bigger problem, the laser is cutting random unwanted lines and curves. I’ve already scrapped quite a bit of material so this is getting frustrating. These cuts don’t show up in LB or Fusion so I have no idea what to do. Begging for some help!

Thanks in advance.


Can you attach your DXF and LB files for us to have a look at?


Thank you!
TOM RUIZ1 v11.dxf (928.5 KB)
TOM RUIZ.lbrn2 (52.4 KB)

Protip: Cardboard is your friend until you can repeatably go through the process from a design to a cut.

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I’m not sure about the random unwanted cuts but if you select everything then select “Auto-Join selected shapes” that will certainly help with your first issue.


Man you guys are the best.

The auto-join fixed both problems.

Great tip on the cardboard… Hindsight is 20/20, I just ran a test on some cardboard I had laying around and everything worked perfectly.

Thank you again!!


Great, I’m pleased that worked to fix your issues. If you wouldn’t mind marking my post as the solution it can help others who might have a similar issue in the future find a solution too.

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Done, thanks again Marcus!

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No problem, glad I could help.