Laser cutting too much in the corners

I am having a problem with the corners being cut out too much. My settings for 1/16 inch or 1.5mm thick birch ply were speed 60mms, max power 40% min power 15%. The orange lines are where it cut and black are where it’s supposed to cut. OMTech 130w, ruida controll, lightburn. Hopefully this is able to be fixed with some settings changes. Thanks.

Please show the resulting work so we can see. Hard to tell, but are you saying the shape lines output as curved and mis-located as you show in orange exactly, or are these orange lines just examples?

These are not the best pics but maybe you can see. The orange lines in the first drawing are fairly accurate.

This looks mechanical, like something is loose or binding. Is this just for this file, or do you see this “bowing” for any straight lines you try to cut?

Straight lines are good. It’s just the corners that are not right.

I see the same probs with both the Ruida CO2 machines I’m using. I don’t see anything we could do about it though