Laser cutting traverse lines

I am brand new to the laser engraving world, and have a lot to learn. That being said my laser is engraving the traverse lines, and not sure why. It only does it when I select line. Line and fill or just fill it works just fine. I have the latest version of Light Burn. The file is SVG, and I am using a Jtech Photonics 4.2w laser with GRBL. If anyone has any ideas of how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Read the first paragraph called “Short Version” here:

The 2nd bullet is your issue.

That did the trick. Thank you very much for the information.

No problem - I’ve made a FAQ entry on this for others now:

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Hi, I have a similar problem my K40 is running a Smoothie board and you have me a little concerned - does this mean the PSU drive circuit might be dying? machine has not had a lot of use.

Photo below shows the traversal lines between characters.


Those are because you have Smoothie Clustering enabled in the device settings, but haven’t got the new firmware installed that supports it.

If it was the PSU, it would be all travel lines, not just a couple.

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