Laser device over Wifi, "Ready" but "Awaiting for connection" - Atomstack 20 Pro

Hello everyone,

My laser device doesn’t take orders from Lightburn, over ethernet despite it is in “Ready” state.

I’ve recently suceeded in configuring my Atomstack 20 Pro, based on GRBL 1.1h, to connect to my wifi network, and added it to Lightburn as a GRBL laser device over Ethernet.

At first, a bad port was avoiding it to reach “Ready” state, it was stuck to “Disconnected”.

Once, I found the good port, it turned to “Ready”.

But now, it seems that in the Console view, the last prompt is “Awaiting for connection”, and when I try make it move through Lightburn, it does nothing.

What happens and how to solve it?

Kind regards!

Couple things to consider

Does atom tell you the ip it gets from WIfi

If your router has a short lease time on DNS server, it might have changed.

You can always confirm with ping command or try to Telnet into it using say putty.

Also, when you load Lightburn, if you have more than one profile, it might default to USB one, that - depending on your computer - try to connect to COm1.

Hi @gilaraujo,

  1. I pinned the MAC address of the ESP32 wifi board, thus have always the same IP address for it. I doubt the issue is from this direction.
  2. Regarding the USB profile, I confirm I now have two profiles for the same laser device in Lightburn, one in USB mode and the other in Ethernet mode. The issue I have is when I’m selecting the Ethernet one.

Seems you have enough knowledge
Do you know or can you see if your 23 port is open on said ip
I am uncertain if AtomStack approach to wifi is to open its Telnet port (which Lightburn would need) to get proper comes.

Still you should be able to ping it, and try to telnet into it?

seeing other guides that require some Gui addons added
Unsure if this makes any sense to you?

“# Atomstack connect to wifi and LightBurn”

Edit: Now i get it, your 23 port on AtomStack is not open it seems so you need to use the 8080 port an go around it with a bit of a hacky way.

Unusual way to do it

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