Laser dioda turn On?

“If you have a diode laser, and need to turn it on at low power to focus it, LightBurn has a setting for this. First, in Edit → Device Settings, click the “Enable Laser Fire Button” shown here in the lower right: [image] . Then quit, and restart LightBurn.” I did everything the button appears but does not turn on the laser. Please help.

Near that button there is also the power of laser, have you tryed to grow it a little bit?

Yes, maximum 20% but it’s not working… :frowning:

And if you try to engrave something, also a simple thing like a 200mm line? It works?

Yes, working, autofocus, single focus all rigth :slight_smile: only laser dot manual On/Off not working.

well in this case i don’t know what can it be… i surrender :slight_smile:

It might be the firmware in the Sparkmaker itself. They’ve had a few issues - I don’t think they’re fully GRBL compatible.

It’s possible, thank you. Does it matter what profile I use? Because automatic detection cannot find the machine. A custom made profile has been created for it.

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They call their system GRBL compatible, so just choosing ‘GRBL’ is correct - you shouldn’t need any special settings.

Thanks, maybe it will work.

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