Laser diode over wattage

I should run some 5w5v3.5amp at 13w / 15w power. Is it possible?? For short time also with huge cooling

What is the meaning here?

With solid state devices the junction temperature is what matters. If you can keep the junction temperature within specifications it should work…

My first low power laser had no electronics in it, it was driven right off the control board on a 3018 cnc. My high power led lasers have a control board that has final say about what your laser does.

This may be moot if that’s the case…

Some of these lasers fire in the femto second range and can be generating kW of power for that time the rest of the time, it’s cooling down…

The likely hood of success here I would put a very low, especially without the proper information and test equipment to keep it within limits.

You need to ask yourself, why isn’t the manufacturer doing this :thinking:

Probably because it’s too costly.

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They are information of diode on shoping website

Don’t see junction temperature there… ?

How do you expect to be able to measure it inside a sealed diode?

No such luck… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Can a non stop powerfull fan and heatsink (costume) make it happen?
Witch driver ishould chose?

No, you are just guessing about what’s happening…

If you want to use it, use it as it’s specified or you’ll end up buying another one… When you know there is a problem, it’ll be too late…

Put your energy elsewhere…