Laser disconnects when printer software is open

Hi! I’m on MacOS Mojave which I know is the first problem.

The second is that I cannot use my laser when my new Epson SC-F570 sublimation printer is on, or its software is open. Lightburn does not detect the laser and leaves it as “disconnected” if either of these things is the case.

Now, I’m getting an “update your epson software!” alert which seems to be an app that’s on. I force quit it, but Lightburn is still disconnected from my laser. I’m guessing this update alert is the reason Lightburn is now unable to connect with my laser at all. I turn the laser and Lightburn on off, on off, yak yak yak. The laser is connected via ethernet and the printer might be, too, but I’m not recalling at the moment.

If a future update of Lightburn could fix this disconnected from laser when sublimation printer is on thing, that would be awesome.


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Something less complicated and more stupid - my router magically was unplugged at some point in the last week. :confused: We’re all good.


Things like this happen all the time.
Glad you got it solved.
Thanks for letting us know!

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