Laser does not complete jobs

I have been trying to troubleshoot several erros.

My laser continually stops midjob with one of these errors. It is running on a MKS DLC 2.0 board with GRBL 1.1F firmware. I’ve watched and read several setup and troubleshooting tutorials with no consistent success.

I’ve switched to exporting gcode and it is burning great.

My problem now is that the outline function of my laser does not give a true representation of the area to be burned. It is going much wider on the x axis, making it difficult to line up or properly position my image on my material.

Have you calibrated the steps per mm settings in the firmware? ($100 / $101 in GRBL firmware settings).

Those errors you’re getting are communications faults, likely from a loose or bad USB connection, grounding issue, or electrical interference.

My machine is calibrated. I switched to exporting the gcode to work around the communication issue until I get a better usb cable. My current issue is with the frame/outline when running directly from the SD card. The preview frame is much wider than the actual image that will be burned. The burned image turns out great and the correct size, but I can’t align it properly due to how the machine is drawing the outline. The Y axis seems to be correct, but the X axis is almost double the final dimensions of the image.

Ive changed usb cords. The errors have continued. Is there anything else I can try to fix the communication issue. The gcode is working when exported to other programs and running with the usb connection.

LightBurn pushes the communication pretty hard, so any issue is more likely to pop up here. Grounding the frame of the machine may help, but I would make sure that the USB cable is secure and good quality - it almost always comes down to a bad cable or electrical interference or noise.

Thank you for your help. I ended up flashing updated firmware to my board. The update allowed me to disconnect my touch screen control via a button in the settings. The laser runs flawlessly now when connected to lightburn through usb.

i have the exact same problem with mks dlc 2.0 and tft24 lcd offline control. frame totally wrong with respect to the size of the incision. on both x and y. I also leave you my discussion if you want to take a look

Hello, what happens when you burn a rectangle, for example 50mm X 80mm. What does the offline control do with it?

The only way I have been able to get anything close to a proper outline when working from the offline control is when I have set a frame around my work with a tool layer. It still is not quite correct as it traces a rectangle from 0x,0y to largest x,y coordinate. This only helps in providing the top and right edge of the image.

  • slight work around for this would to always create lightburn design as close to x0,y0 as possible. You then need to position and set zero point appropriately for the design.

Sehr seltsam. Meiner Meinung nach gibt es nur 2 Möglichkeiten.

  1. Die Anpassung der Maschine ist nicht in Ordnung.
  2. starke elektrische Störungen, eventuell durch einen Elektrisch unsauberen Aufbau verursacht

Die Ferndiagnose ist in einem solchen fall sehr schwer


I am no longer having an issue burning directly from lightburn. Newer firmware for my TFT that allowed me to disconnect the tft control without actually disconnecting wires fixed this.

The current issue both Zik are experiencing is that when we export G-Code and load offline to our lasers, we are unable to properly frame our work in order to ensure it is lined up where we want it.

Das hört sich doch gut an.
Versuche mal einen Rahmen der mit nur 1% power (extra layer) um deine Zeichnung zu machen. Diesen Rahmen dann Separat speichern um die Ausrichtung zu machen.

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