Laser does not cut

Good morning all!
I come back to you with my laser which cannot cut the 5 mm wood.
I cleaned the mirrors and adjusted the focal length, but the line is still too big.
Also, when I do a pulse, I have 2 small dots instead of just one …
Do you think mirror misalignment could be causing this problem?
I show you the tape test that I carried out on the 4 corners of my laser, they are not well aligned apparently but could that explain that the machine does not cut well?
Thank you very much for your kind advice

It appears that your alignment is off at the nozzle, and that is why you have two dots. One is a reflection off the side of the nozzle taper. It doesn’t take much misalignment to get this double dot.
keep trying to get your mirrors aligned better, and you will have success.

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Hello, what steps have you taken to align the mirrors?

Did you put the lens in the nozzle correctly? The protruding part of the lens should be facing up

I tried to line up mirror number 1 in the middle.
Then number 2 moving forward and backward on the Y axis, then number 3 on the Z axis. But obviously, it doesn’t work at all!
I must not do it right :frowning:

i need to check if (cause it was already in the nozzle when i received it)

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You have three mirrors. Mirror No. 1 facing the laser tube, Mirror No. 2 along the y-axis, Mirror No. 3 along the x-axis, first adjust Mirror No. 1 so that the laser shines in the middle of it, then Mirror No. 2 in the closest position to Mirror No. 1. Move and ignite with the help of the screws of mirror number 1. Adjust the location of the burn on the mirror number 2 in the center, then move it to the farthest position and fire again, If the location of the two burns did not match, match them with the screws of mirror number 1. Repeat these steps for mirrors 2 and 3

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Take a few an watch this series of videos on Beam Setting for Beginners.

It is the most critical part of using a laser, the concept is easy, but the devils in the details. Take a few and see if that helps you correct your alignment issues.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Well I try that !!
First mirror 1 :wink:
Thank you !!!

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I hope it helps😊

Ouahou thank you !! Will try that but I have difficulties for mirror 1 right now.
Will tell you tomorrow how it came

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Follow the steps in this video and you won’t go wrong. Don’t skip or rush any steps. Laser Cutter Mirror Alignment - YouTube

I succeeded !!
Thank you again !!
Now I have a problem with the filling mode (added a new topic)
In case you have any brillant idea :slight_smile:

Glad you succeeded my friend😊, what exactly is your new problem?

The new problem concerns the filling mode.
I don’t know why but when I specify a power for the filling mode, the machine does not apply it and always take 100%.
For the cutting mode, it works correctly but not for the filling.
And the info on the control panel is ok
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