Laser does not fire anymore after testing cables!

Hi there,
I recently try to change some longer cables for my EleksMaker A3 Pro. but seems like the new cables didn’t work so I change back the original one. Since then the laser doesn’t fire anymore. After some reading and checking I found that the problem could be in Console the ($30, $31, $32) are missing. It shows (error: Invalid statement) when I try to type them back in. I tried reinstall lightBurn but still the same. So could anyone please tell me how to turn them back on? appreciated for any help!

That’s odd. When your machine boots, it will identify itself with the version number. If possible copy the complete boot message.

This all comes from your controller and is out of Lightburn control. It’s just showing you what it’s getting from your controller. You can try going to ‘Edit → Machine settings’ , it will usually read the machine configuration. Can you do that?

There are people here with that machine, so let us know…


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