Laser does not fire,

Note: this MAY not be a lightburn thing. I’m posting here in case it is and I just don’t know what setting to change. Maybe someone here has seen this issue and fixed it. I couldn’t find my exact issue in the forum already.

I recently switched out my board from an arduino clone to an EleksMaker Mana SE v3.2. I also switched out my laser from a 3000 mW to a 5W. Everything is hooked up and Lightburn is able to move the laser around just fine (which was the problem that caused me to buy the EleksMaker, the old board was fried).

I bought the new laser because I couldn’t connect my old laser to the EleksMaker. Actually, I could connect it, but it was ALWAYS on, so not usable to burn anything since nothing would turn it off. I think I just needed to mess with the wires/connectors, but I wanted a little more powerful laser anyway.

Now, I can’t get the new laser to fire at all. Lightburn runs my project and connects just fine, but it won’t turn on the laser. The “Fire” button doesn’t do anything. I’ve set up multiple laser profiles, each a little different, and I get the same thing - move thing laser fine, but no firing. Can anyone point me to a place where I can find more info?

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