Laser does not turn off during travel to next burn. PWM Marlin G-code Maker Select Plus

I have searched through post and have only found information for GRLB another firmware I believe.
In G-Code m106 S0 is not working. It works on command line
1/19/2021- I hooked up a led strip to the PWM Fan output. It appears to be sending a signal to turn power off. So the either the duration if being off is not adequate or speed of travel to quick. Getting beyond my level of experience. I will keep digging any help would be appreciated.!
!st picture 500 mm/min
2nd picture 6000 mm/min

Thanks in advance
; LightBurn 0.9.20
; Marlin device profile, current position
; Bounds: X-29 Y-10.26 to X0 Y0
; Cut @ 3000 mm/min, 100% power
M106 S0
G0X-2.75 Y-0.74 F12000
; Layer C00
M106 S255
G1X2.75 Y-4.76 F3000
G1X-2.75 Y-4.76
G1X0.28 Y-0.42
G1X0.23 Y-0.43
G1X0.18 Y-0.46
M106 S0
; return to starting pos
G0 X18.25 Y3.51 F12000

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