Laser does not want to connect to Lightburn Software

I opened Lightburn and it usually connects to my Orthur Lasermaster 2 right away. However this time the “devices” list popped up and said I had to connect to a device and my Laser was not there. I used “Find my laser” and It couldn’t locate it so I typed everything in manually. After that nothing had changed and my laser would not respond to any of my demands. Currently in the “Console” tab it says “Waiting for connection”. I have restarted the program many times and tried again but still no use. Any suggestions?

Check USB cable

And then check if in device manager, if you are using windows s.o., there is a serial com port

Do you have another copy of LightBurn (or other software) open and already talking to the laser?

Lightburn 1.0.06 is the only software I have on my Laptop.

USB is connected fine. Laser goes back to front left origin when turned on but no other actions.

I have changed different Com ports between COM3 and COM4. COM3 was what had been working prior to my troubles. Where do I check the device manager?

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