Laser doesnt cut to start/ different thin lines


i could achieve good results so far with lightburn on my neje 30w laser with my modded ender 3.

I just have two problems. The vertical line is thinner than the horizontal. Is this cause of the laser itself? I have the best focus i could find. Even tried with different heights with other focus values.

On first picture the .ai file was aligned with the same spaced. If i burn it, i get these differences.

The other problem i have is that the laser wont cut still the place it started. Like on the picture and even if i try to cut normal rectangles

Hi, diode lasers don’t have a ‘round beam’ they’re rectangular so they will burn slightly thicker in one direction to the other.
I don’t know anything about your machine but have you checked the belt tension for your alignment problem? or could be it needs x and y axis recalibrating.

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Ok, the point with the diode laser seems legit. Thank you.

Belts are ok i guessy since i have no Problems on other files.

What do you mean with recalibrate?

Hi, if you type in the search bar, top right of screen ‘calibrate axis’ there are threads there where you can find all the info.
Sounds like the ‘y’ and ‘x’ aren’t cutting true how they should.
Worth checking.

Ok thank you, i guess i found the reason for this.

My setup is similar to the neje master 2. Left side of x axis is mounted to y axis and the right side had a support arm with wheels.

When moving the y axis back and forth the x arm with the support stuck a little and was causing this.

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