Laser doesn't turn off between cuts

My smoothie board went out so until I get anther on I’m using a Arduino uno with grbl v1.1h/ I’m using the spindle pin (Z+ on cnc shield board) to fire the laser with PWM. There’s a couple odd things but it works except the laser does not turn off between cuts. Using Lightburn version is 0.9.09. In the gcode there is a M4 to start but there is no a M5 anyplace. Not surprising since it’s using PWM
; LightBurn 0.9.09
; GRBL device profile, absolute coords
G00 G17 G40 G21 G54
; Cut @ 200 mm/sec, 7.5% power
code go’s on till the end couple hundred lines

I expect this as during moves I would think the PWM would be at 0 volts( 5V in my case since I trigger on low) I have a oscilloscope connected to the PWM lead and it never goes high and stays high during a move. Stopping the code it does go high and laser is off.
It may have to do with power lever settings.

cut is set to 7.5%. (is set too 5000 to get 15ma current). 7.5% setting in CUT is because I’m just testing not cutting.

I’d guess I’m doing something wrong or over looking something. Laser is a K40.

Any thoughts?
Thank you

Set $32=1 - That turns on Laser Mode, which makes G0 moves automatically disable the laser. LightBurn expects Laser Mode is enabled if you’re using the normal GRBL profile. You probably want $30 to 1000, not 5000 (and set the S-Value Max in the Device Settings to match).

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