Laser double printing offset

Hi in RD works its called scanning reverse interval how do i adjust these settings in lightburn anyone know my laser is out of sink by about .5 of a mm looks like its printing it twice.

Device Settings:

“Scanning Offset Adjustment”

Cheers but how do you set it up not done this before in lightburn in RD works you print a series of line 1mm apart and you can see the shift then you adjust the setting until the lines align cheers gerry

Sounds about right. I usually burn a square, look at the offset, change it a bit until I get it lined up proper.

‘Scanning Offset Adjustment’ is covered in the following section of the LightBurn documentation.

Same process as RDWorks. Set the numbers to half the distance you measure between your ghost images, and you’ll need a minimum of two speed settings in the table so LightBurn can extrapolate others.

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