Laser emmitting. values are correct and laser wont burn or cut

hello i have a sculpfun s30 pro max 20w laser. all the $$ are correct and reflect the device setting. no matter how slow or powerful i set the laser, project starts and laser turns on but wont leave a mark on any material… will someone please help me???

Guessing: you think in inch/min, but LightBurn is using inch/sec, so it’s running (or trying to run) 60 times faster than you expect.

Check Edit → Settings and verify the units.

Then run a Material Test on whatever you’re using to nail down the correct parameters.

I tried to do the material test, with no luck. Machine is brand new. Thank you for replying back

LightBurn is set for mm/min. What speeds are you using?

Suggestions depend on what kind of luck you didn’t have: too much burn, too little burn, wrong kind of burn. Photos of the results always help.

Also, for screen shots, follow these suggestions for readable results: