Laser engrave on the transfers, please see attached photos

:smiley: Hi,

I have a problem at the time of recording 2 or more files, the problem is that when a file ends the laser records the transfer line, it is something like not turning off when changing files, I send a image with an example.
thank, greetings from Chile

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I do not understand that it has to match “s-value”:tired_face:

Can you explain me?

Hello Edson,
I had similar problems. And I solved it that way.
I went to console in Lightburn have entered $$.
After that I entered $ 30 = 255 and $ 32 = 1.
Almost at Commands. $ 30 = 255 and then enter
and $ 32 = 1 and enter.
Then check again with $$.
In the normal settings are synonymous with max s value 255.

But I’m also just a beginner. Maybe this can be an admin check again. Thanks.

Sorry for my english.

I hope it helps you.
Greetings Andre ’

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That’s $30, and it looks like you’re good to go on that option already. I’d leave it at 1000, personally. You’ll have better range of power that way.

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Maybe the video will help you too. at about 9.00 min come the settings I meant.

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Or as Blake says. In the video it is also set via this page GRBL.

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Thank! $32=1 it was the solution,
BUT (patience please)
the configuration “$ 32 = 1” work me, but does not save the change, every time I press play I have to go back to “$ 32 = 1” because it returns to “$ 32 = 0”32

Hm, I’m not sure there. What version of Grbl are you running? The wiki says that it should persist, but I do recall some posts before about them not persisting. A forum search didn’t help me much. Maybe someone will hop on here and know what the issue is.

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Depending on what firmware you are using, it could be that the firmware resets this value every time you use it. I have seen this before with XCarve firmware (1.0c, custom Larry edition).

It could also be that the flash memory on the controller itself is damaged, and not holding the new setting.

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I have eleksmaker mana SE v3.1 / grbl 0.9x . do you recommend update firmware grbl 1.1x?
(grbl 0,9x not have option $32.)

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