Laser Engraver 3000mW Offline DIY Marking Printer Carving Engraving Machine USA

Does anyone know if my machine is compatible with Lightburn?

Rank newbie, so please go easy on me. :upside_down_face:
I’ve downloaded the LB trial, connected my laser via USB and connected to it on COM6 with its bundled software. LB can’t find my machine, I know the bed size and where it homes but no idea which controller I should try to configure it manually. Anyone else have this machine or know if it’s compatible with LB?

Does this “bundled software” provide a console of some sort, providing any feedback received from the controller when using the laser? Looking for some way to identify the firmware used to drive this laser. I looked at the ebay listing you provide, but nothing there I find identifies the firmware used.

No console I’m afraid. The software is called “laser engraving machine v1.0.” FWIW it looks identical to the supplied software with my previous engraver:

The key bit of knowledge needed is the firmware used to drive the motion control board. This is the critical technical bit to determine compatibility with LightBurn. Most low-cost, DIY style diode laser systems like this come with a proprietary firmware. This may need to be updated to fully support LightBurn, but that process for doing so on your control board is beyond my knowledge. Maybe the supplier, or their customers could answer and share with you the correct process.

Once you have updated the firmware (also known as 'Flashing" the firmware)

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