Laser engraver ventilation setup

Just finished version 2 of my ventilation and encapsulation setup for the laser. This lives in my office upstairs and I needed a good way to vent the gas out of the room. Initially I was using a plastic bin that I cut a hole in and mounted a vent outlet and in-line vent fan that piped the smoke out the window through a window insert I made. It sat elevated above the laser on two wooden risers I put together. It worked okay but I didn’t get the dimensions right and the bin was a little too small. Also, smoke kind of billowed out the bottom so I’d taped some plastic sheeting around the bottom edge of the bin. Worst of all though was that the bin was clear and the laser was very much visible when I was using my computer. I’d pull my hood over the side of my head to block the light but it was just ridiculous and I was worried about my dog’s eyes and lungs as well.

Tonight I put this together using a pvc cube I had laying around from a failed paint booth project and wood that the guys who replaced the siding on my condo let me have. It has all the fancy stuff I could think to fit in. Here’s a list of its features:

-Webcam to monitor the laser
-Thrift store battery powered fairy lights to light the inside.
-full encapsulation, sealed with flex fix ducting tape
-front door with gasket held on with zip ties that closes with a bungee
-4” duct ventilation with inline vent fan
-air assist from the “air assist shootout” article here

The laptop on top is what I use to run light burn and monitor the camera. It’s my wife’s old 2009 MacBook that I swapped the hard drive on and installed Ubuntu. I use a program called cheese for the camera. I do more complex designs on my desktop. I don’t think the laptop will even run Inkscape.

Also if anyone has any questions about the ortur laser master 2, let me know. At this point I know the hardware inside and out as I’ve assembled and disassembled mine at least 20 times now, troubleshooting a weird issue that’s since been solved.


Thanks JMichael

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