Laser engraving chipboard

Anyone engrave Chipboard?

Might want to clarify what you mean by chipboard… I’ve actually heard it referred to in games and as a scrap board that will be damaged by the machining operation…

I will assume you mean a material, something like particle board?

Going on that, yes, besides being very stinky, I don’t know what they use as a bonding chemical, so unless I know it’s not toxic to me or the machine, I don’t use it.

It seems more consistent than mdf, probably because of the way it’s manufactured. But like most composites, it’s very odoriferous.

There is also fiber board that is readily accessible from most of the home improvement stores. I used it to cut scrap-boards for the little cnc. I was unhappy with the lased results by the smell of the burnt material that never seemed to go away…

I’d always suggest, knowing what you are lasing… Most of these are probably OK, but I’d check with the specifications of the manufacturer… you can usually find the data sheet, that’s required from the government will tell you what’s in it. Same with paint for determining the TiO2 in the product.

Some of these have formaldehyde or other chemistry in them… just be aware.

Let us know what you find…


Chipboard even refers to OSB so I should have been more accurate.

What I have is actually kraft paper particles bonded together under heat and pressure with a bonding agent. I have a medium thickness which is 0.75mm.

I engraved a piece with settings of 200mm/sec @ 20% power with my 60W/50W Omtech CO2

Sorry for the “Jiffy” photo. You get the idea.

BTW: I left my Air Assist at 40psi and had absolutely no odor in the shop. I wiped the material off with a dry paper towel getting very little smoke.

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