Laser engraving (not ethching) on hard aluminum dog tag

Hi guys! I have a Laser Master 2 20W. Just wondering if it is possible for me to engrave onto hard aluminum? I think all of my $ settings are good. I am at 100% power and even like “1” on my “speed in/min” movement. But no results. Shooting blanks… lol! I have even tried coating the surface with thermal paste. And, sanding the surface before hand. Nothing… any help would be great. Specs/console details below. Thanks!






































Starting stream

Layer C00

Layer C00

Layer C00

Layer C00

Layer C00

Layer C00

Layer C00

Layer C00

Layer C00

[MSG:Pgm End]

Stream completed in 0:29

Just not enough power to ablate aluminium.

Try 150W or higher.

As far as a 150w laser? Or a setting to increase power in LB?

If we are talking about real engraving then a 5Watt diode is not suitable. Not because of its energy, but because the wavelength just does not fit metal, glass and various other materials. You need to invest in a “150Watt” CO2 or fiber optic laser. If you want to make many things in this size and type that you try, you have to buy yourself a fiber laser, they cost approx the same as a CO2 laser in the middle class.

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