Laser Engraving on Stained Wood

After a lengthy learning process - I am finally getting fairly proficient at engraving relatively detailed graphics on pine.

I have heard that laser engraving on stained wood is a bad idea - something about toxic fumes. Is this true of all types of stain?

Are there any types of wood stains, especially white, that are not dangerous for me to use on pine before engraving with a small, (7 watt) laser?

Thanks to All for Helping Me Learn!

If you are engraving stained or painted material you should do it in a well ventilated area. There are projects such as burning images on white tiles where you spray paint the tile with a layer or two of paint to burn an image. Actually it’s a good idea to always use in a well ventilated area.

Mark: Thank You for Your Reply!

Somewhere, somehow, I got the mistaken impression that it was dangerous - period!

I’m in Ohio and I have devoted 1/2 of my garage to my CNC Laser rig. I always open the overhead door and the back (regular) door which gives me good cross ventilation. If I don’t do this, the garage fills up with smoke, toxic or not - Not Good.

In the winter I run a 50’ USB cable from my computer desk (warm inside) to the laser in the garage, and then watch everything on my phone as captured by a $20 Wyze camera. Works Great and I don’t have to freeze!

I’m going to try engraving on stained pine very soon.

Thank You Very Much!


Result of 1st project attached - too hot, but not terrible for a first try - I Think.


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