Laser Engraving settings

I was wondering how to get my engraving darker without engraving deeper?

engraving of? and on which material?

Im engraving some text on a piece of oak hardwood.

Well, the more you use power, the more you dig on material, you have to find your mix doing tests

A weak solution of baking soda and water as a pre-treatment will often darken your engravings in wood. Searching on Baking soda on the forum may give you some good recipes.

The dark hue is the result of carbonised wood particles. Strong air assist may blow these particles out of the engraving, making it lighter. Try reducing or turning off your air assist. I also spray my engravings afterwards with alcohol, helping the particles to sink into the wood, thus preserving the darker hue, before spraying with lacquer. I use alcohol based hand sanitiser for this purpose.

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